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Switchblade Update June 30, 2017

The nose cone was fitted for the first time. You can see in the image below how the Switchblade flying sports car will look from the front. Definitely eye catching! The one thing we can say is that if you want a Switchblade, be prepared to be the center of attention! The nose cone was […]

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Switchblade Update 27 June, 2017

We have been so busy getting ready for AirVenture that we haven’t taken time to post our progress! Not good! Hope you forgive us.  Below, Sam Bousfield is shown helping to ‘carve the turkey’, which is one way to describe the process of sorting out how produce the least molds for the best building of […]

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COME SEE THE SWITCHBLADE PROTOTYPE AT AIRVENTURE 2017, IN OSHKOSH, WISCONSIN!! July 24-30, 2017 is AirVenture – the world’s biggest aviation celebration! Samson Motors will have our best display ever – the full scale Switchblade prototype, in Outdoor Exhibits BOOTH # 429. We are located near the flightline off Wittman Road, directly behind Honda Jet […]

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Update Page 18 May 2017

  Big, big news is completion of round one of dyno testing the supercharged Samson V4 engine. Our goal was 190 horsepower at 6,000 rpm or less, and our first run on the dyno gave us 193 hp. So of course we had to go up from there! We continued until we achieved repeated runs […]

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Update Page 5_17_2017

It took quite a bit to get the leading arm suspension ready for drop testing, but it is now mounted on the drop test tower, and wired with sensors. The leading arm front suspension went through several iterations to get the steering and shock absorber to be happy in their locations. We have quite a […]

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Switchblade Update 19 April, 2017

We made a list to finish the project!!!! This was huge, as it meant no more “this is what we will do next month”. It meant “we are close to finishing, and this is what it will take to fly.” We have crossed several things off the list, one being the mounting of the brake […]

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SUN ‘N FUN INT’L FLY-IN EXPO April 4-9, 2017 in Lakeland, Florida Join us at our Samson Motors  Forums! “Switchblade Flying Car: Cabin & Safety Features” Wed. April 5 @ 1:00-1:55pm (CFAA-12) Ken Chatham Sr. & Ken Chatham II, Switchblade Owners & Ambassadors Thus. April 6 @ 11:00-11:55am (CFAA-12) Brian Purdy, Switchblade Owner & Ambassador Sat. April 8 @ 11:00-11:55am (CFAA-12) Mark Safreed, Switchblade Owner & […]

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  We had a change in how we approach the leading arm front suspension. Above is an engineering image of our original leading arm, shown curving away behind the front wheel. Having a bent piece of very tough steel proved harder to obtain than we realized, so we changed to a welded series of straight sections, […]

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SWITCHBLADE UPDATE 16 February, 2017

We said we would show you how it looks to sit in a Switchblade, and you can see from the smile on Sam Bousfield’s face in the image above, that he is happy with how that seems. Plenty of head room and legroom, plus storage behind the seats. The tape on the floor indicates the […]

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This update will focus on the rear of the Switchblade body, as the last post dealt mainly with the front section of the cabin. Below is shown the rear of the cabin section. The tube frame for the engine is bolted to the rear bulkhead, and the rectangular hole in the upper middle of the […]

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