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While the wing structural engineering and mold drawings are being accomplished, the Samson build team turned their attention to getting the ground prototype back up on its feet. We are taking test components of the suspension and drive train and testing them in the real world prior to installation in the fuselage (body) of the […]

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Switchblade Update: December 19, 2013

You may have heard mention of the wind tunnel model that Samson tested in the University of Washington wind tunnel recently. I thought I might show more photos of that model and process, as it was certainly an experience. The wind tunnel staff were well trained and in control of every aspect. It was very […]

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Switchblade Update: November 6, 2013

On Thursday we wrapped up our Switchblade wind tunnel testing at the University of Washington in Seattle and are waiting for the final results. One thing that surprised us was that the body, or fuselage, of our 1/4 scale model contributed to the overall lift in an unusual way. Typically wings provide the lift for […]

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Switchblade Progress Report: October 23, 2013

The torsion bar front suspension has been assembled and integrated with the steering, brake and wheel for the front assembly. With some minor tweaks it will be ready for mounting in the ground test vehicle shortly. The weight of the torsion bar system was much higher than spec’d, so we will be testing for function […]

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Switchblade Progress Report: October 4, 2013

The wind tunnel model is almost complete! One of our team members Ron Birch is shown sanding down the white oak test model. Here is Ron starting to paint the model a very nice pearl color! After sanding and painting here is our pearl wind tunnel model. We received three sets of front torsion bar […]

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Our wind tunnel model is coming along, with one of the aluminum wings shown above. This is a nearly finished surface, with an unfinished surface shown below. The wind tunnel model is being done as a triple check on the low-speed flight characteristics of the new box tail. The body of the wind tunnel model […]

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The new front wheel spindle and hub were majorly completed, as were the rear hubs that allow us to use a variety of aftermarket wheels. The wing hinge assembly is narrowed down to two alternates, which are being reviewed for structural integrity, safety, and maintenance. We are trying to preserve the option to swing the […]

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The radiator ducting and sizing was worked out this last week, along with the ordering of a V-4 engine. We will use this initial 1.7L engine to work out any harmonic problems on the ground prior to engaging in the extensive work of installation in the flying prototype. If we opt for the larger 1.9L […]

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I mentioned our fabricating a steering box for the front of the vehicle. This is pictured below so you can see what it looks like. This is a prototype part, and as we move into production it will assume more of an appearance of a manufactured part. Our testing on the full-scale prototype will provide […]

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We established more of the drive train, or the parts that make the vehicle drive on the ground. The one pictured below is a differential, which splits the power from the engine out to each rear wheel. Normal differentials for automobiles are quite heavy, as the vehicle is quite heavy. We have a different need, […]

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