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SUN ‘N FUN INT’L FLY-IN EXPO April 4-9, 2017 in Lakeland, Florida Join us at our Samson Motors  Forums! “Switchblade Flying Car: Cabin & Safety Features” Wed. April 5 @ 1:00-1:55pm (CFAA-12) Ken Chatham Sr. & Ken Chatham II, Switchblade Owners & Ambassadors Thus. April 6 @ 11:00-11:55am (CFAA-12) Brian Purdy, Switchblade Owner & Ambassador Sat. April 8 @ 11:00-11:55am (CFAA-12) Mark Safreed, Switchblade Owner & […]

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  We had a change in how we approach the leading arm front suspension. Above is an engineering image of our original leading arm, shown curving away behind the front wheel. Having a bent piece of very tough steel proved harder to obtain than we realized, so we changed to a welded series of straight sections, […]

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SWITCHBLADE UPDATE 16 February, 2017

We said we would show you how it looks to sit in a Switchblade, and you can see from the smile on Sam Bousfield’s face in the image above, that he is happy with how that seems. Plenty of head room and legroom, plus storage behind the seats. The tape on the floor indicates the […]

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This update will focus on the rear of the Switchblade body, as the last post dealt mainly with the front section of the cabin. Below is shown the rear of the cabin section. The tube frame for the engine is bolted to the rear bulkhead, and the rectangular hole in the upper middle of the […]

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  Several days after the body was taken out of the cocoon (jig that held the components in place while all were bonded together), we had another look at the body. Composite Approach builders had done all of the trimming, sanding, and prepping to make the body ready for the next steps of the build […]

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Switchblade Update 7 January, 2017

The Switchblade body was assembled inside what we called ‘the cocoon’, which is a fixture or jig that keeps the skins in perfect position during the bonding process. This has been ongoing for over two weeks, and you may have been following the process. There is a moment of truth that happens, and it begins with […]

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Switchblade Update 20 December, 2016

The last post ended off talking about 3D printing, so I would like to pick it up at that point. We printed the first half of the hand throttle, which will be used during flight. It was easier for us to do printing of two halves and bond them together in this case. The first half turned […]

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Switchblade Update 2 December, 2016

Apologies for not posting more update news. We have been busy! Here is what I can tell you. All of the molds for the body are completed, and the engineering re-evaluation of the structures for the body are finished. What we found was that there were a few areas that needed additional reinforcing in the […]

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Switchblade Update 15 October, 2016

We recently had a visit from our Marketing Advisor, Barry Jay (left in above image). Among other things, Barry took part in a ‘work in progress’ presentation and demonstration of the fly-by-wire rudder system. Above, Keith Clark, the system designer, is explaining the workings of the rudder system as it has been developed to date. […]

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SWITCHBLADE UPDATE 20 September, 2016

The last of the engineering on the bulkheads for the body was done, and we are now launching on the rest of the body parts. We are stacking up parts, ready to assemble as soon as we have all that we need. Most projects start with the body, as it is the biggest piece, and […]

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