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Switchblade Progress Report, December 17, 2010

The new anti-sway bar helped cornering characteristics, and put us just where we wanted to be – by having the rear wheels break loose in a corner prior to overturning of the vehicle.  We are walking a fine line with this, but wanted to have as fast of cornering as possible while still maintaining the […]

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Switchblade Progress Report, October 8, 2010

Here is a link to our latest video – We broke 100 mph in ground testing!

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Switchblade Progress Report, September 19, 2010

We changed out the chain drive for a belt drive.  You can see the new set up in the images.  There was a very distinct improvement in the drive quality.  Much less noise, much more power available, and a completely different feel to the vehicle.  The chain was transferring power via a secondary shaft, and […]

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Switchblade Progress Report, July 15, 2010

We followed up a successful showing at Golden West Air Show with another at the Auburn, California, Thunder in the Sky event last Saturday.  To do this we again stayed up past midnight to finish our second set-up for the rear suspension.  The set-up for GW Air Show didn’t allow much adjustment, but the latest […]

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Switchblade Progress Report, April 12, 2010

We are finishing our front suspension, and about to mount it to the front of the ‘test mule’ this week. Shown in the attached pictures is a wireframe of the nose that was done to ensure we keep within the fuselage on our construction and assembly. The second image is the front forks and wheel/tire […]

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Switchblade Progress Report, March 20, 2010

These images show progress on the tube-frame ‘test mule’ being built at BurkeBuilt near San Clemente. We should have the test mule completed by the end of next week, and then it will ship to Auburn, California, where it will be mated with the front suspension and steering mechanism under construction there. Rear suspension is […]

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Switchblade Progress Report, March 6, 2010

These drawings show the improvement of the ducted fan design achieved through our work at DAR Corp in Lawrence, Kansas. The sections are the before and after flows, and show the improvement in the ducted fan flow just ahead of the propeller. The images are from a CFD program (computational fluid dynamics), which acts like […]

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Switchblade Progress Report, February 1, 2010

We are still finishing the testing of the ground prototype prior to sending the information to the structural engineer for the fuselage (body).  The molds for carbon fiber parts are extremely expensive, and we don’t want to waste $80,000 on a set of molds that had some minor but necessary change (if we can help […]

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