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Switchblade Update 15 July, 2012

Changing the cg helped quite a bit, and we continued to change it to get closer to acceptable cg during testing today. The tail now has functioning rudders (not available the first day). The rudders also helped make testing easier and more fruitful. Rudder control and steering by the nose-wheel was uneventful – just what […]

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Switchblade Update 14 July, 2012

The 1/4 scale prototype has been completed and initial flight testing started. The pictures below are of the completed prototype being taken to our “secret test facility”. We did not paint the vehicle for the first few hours of testing Saturday evening. There was ample thrust once the battery solution was perfected. The electric motor/prop/battery […]

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Switchblade Update 11 July, 2012

The quarter scale model is coming together blazingly fast due to superhuman efforts of Joe Marine at Race Pro Engineering. He has been putting in 15 hour days+, and really working to make the deadline of first flight before AirVenture. We have the pilot lined up again, and video cameras ready for as soon as […]

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The second 1/4 scale prototype is being madly worked upon to finish and fly prior to AirVenture at Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Pro-builder, Joe Marine, of Race Pro Engineering in California, is seen giving one of the molds a work-over to get it into shape. The molds needed tremendous work to get them ready to pull the […]

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