Until the world catches up with Samson’s progress, and flying car licenses are common place, two individual licenses will be required to utilize the Switchblade to the fullest. There are differences in the way some countries and states view the Switchblade, but licensing can be accomplished in almost any place in the world.

In most areas, your automobile driver license will allow operation on the ground. In some states and countries, you will need to take an additional written test for motorcycle operation, as we are classed as a motorcycle in the US and many other countries due to having three wheels.

Registration for ground use is accomplished by scheduling a time to bring the vehicle to the local Department of Motor Vehicles or your equivalent of this. There are guidelines for a safety inspection, then the registration is secured and you are set to travel. CLICK HERE for links to US DMV sites.

Registration for flight is achieved by an inspection from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or your equivalent to this agency. This is scheduled after completion of the build, and can be done before painting if desired. The inspector will check the overall weight and balance to make sure it falls within the design parameters of the vehicle, and to insure that the minimum flight instruments are included in the vehicle. You will then be given your registration and an aircraft number that is to be painted on the tail boom so that it is visible when you are in flight mode.

A private pilot certificate (license) is needed to fly the Switchblade. By completing your Switchblade, and then using it as the vehicle you train in, you will save nearly 35% of the cost of training. By doing your training in the exact vehicle that you will be flying, you will be better prepared for your future flying career.

CLICK HERE for more information on Training.

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