Samson is establishing training programs for pilots, racing, and advanced driving skills. Individuals move at their own pace through each program, assisted by coaches and licensed instructors. The purpose of each training program is for the student to gain the abilities established as benchmarks for each program, and to be able to demonstrate those skills and abilities in practice.

Pilot Training

The Private Pilot Course includes both theory and practice. The two are balanced to achieve a faster rate of progress than imagined previously, and combined with computer simulation training and student drilling to perfect and hone your abilities in an economical fashion.

We take care to go step-by-step to build confidence and certainty as you learn a new skill. When it may appear confusing, we know to step back and take it more gradually so you gain the full understanding and skill level that we know you are capable of. The end result we are looking for is for you to exhibit the skills required of a private pilot.

Race Training

Racing the Switchblade will take honing your skills in both air and ground, and there will be certain safety requirements and protocols that will need to be understood and practiced to make a safe and fun race. While the details of the racing venue will be released at a later date, potential race teams can sign up in advance for updates and notifications to make sure they are ready for the big day.

It is unrealistic to set up a race when the vehicle is not flying yet, so we won’t get into details, or make promises we can’t keep. We do intend to establish a race venue, and are looking for like-minded individuals who could field a team for what we feel will be a very futuristic race venue. It would be one-of-a-kind, no matter what we did, due to the vehicle capabilities.

Advanced Driver Skills Training

Whether you are looking to be hired as a chaufer, or simply desire greater skills as a driver, our advanced driver training is there for you. In a world that keeps you on your toes, having excellent driving skills gives one certainty that no matter the situation, you can move with speed and confidence when demanded. The Switchblade, and our following vehicles, will be similar to automobiles in their driving experience. Having a vehicle capable of advanced maneuvering is one thing. Being trained to take advantage of that capability is quite another.

When you are finished with advanced driver training, you will have demonstrated an extremely high skill level in handling the vehicles on the ground, and will have the photo images and certificate to show others.

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