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SWITCHBLADE UPDATE: 22 February, 2015

We had the aluminum pieces made that act within the wing to transmit the pilot’s input into the aileron movement, which banks the aircraft left and right. This is called a bell crank (don’t ask me why!). Above are the pieces before treating with an anodizing finish, and below you see them after the treatment. […]

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Switchblade Update: 27 January, 2015

The wing parts and lower wing molds (used to hold the parts in proper shape) were unloaded at the Prineville facility with the help of Composite Approach staff.  The molds are very heavy, being of solid wood.  The table shown was leveled with the use of surveying equipment to ensure it was dead flat, and that […]

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We are getting ready for the assembly of the main wing.  As shown in the image below, the main wing has four ribs: one at the wing tip, one between the ailerons and the flaps, one in the middle of the flaps, and one at the wing root.  The ailerons are the small movable wing […]

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After finishing the left and right wing skins, the molds were made for the wing spar, or main beam.  This is the main spar mold for the wing and runs lengthwise along the middle of the wing. There is a secondary spar that is shorter and thinner that will be done next after these spars […]

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After finishing the flaps, we have moved on to the main wing.  The left main wing skin molds have been carved, along with the fixtures for holding parts in place for later assembly.  Below is seen the molds nearly ready for laying in the carbon fiber and core material.  This is probably the single largest piece […]

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What Moves Us? (Or, Why don’t dogs fly airplanes?)

What Moves Us?(Or, Why don’t dogs fly airplanes?) Posted by AircraftOwner Online on June 25, 2014 at 2:00pm View Blog What is it that inspires innovation? What prompts an idea before it ever exists? What native ability fueled the Wright brothers’ passion and allowed them to soar skyward into the same air where so many others had […]

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We finished the flaps, which are the larger of the two movable main wing surfaces. The flaps are like brakes to an airplane. Those things are like mini wings! Very large, and sturdily built. Above left you can see the skins going into the oven, and above right the finished product after assembly. Although they […]

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We have been busy! The ailerons have both been completed, and weigh less than two pounds each. Great job by our build team and the parts/mold team at Composite Approach. The intake manifold for the supercharger was designed and 3D printed. It is made from Nylon, and is very tough. We may make the final […]

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  We have begun assembling the carbon fiber parts. It all begins with mixing glue.  The glue used in aircraft construction is very strong, and in this case is a two-part mix that has to be carefully weighed for proper strength.  Brent Burch is shown here mixing the first batch of Hysol glue that is […]

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Switchblade featured in business journal: May 7, 2014

The Cascade Business News, Central Oregon’s premier business journal, featured us in an article highlighting our recent milestones and various ways the Switchblade could be used as a business tool. At the bottom of the article are links to 4 videos, showing some of the latest Switchblade action! Samson Motors Reaches Major Milestones with Flying […]

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