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The radiator ducting and sizing was worked out this last week, along with the ordering of a V-4 engine. We will use this initial 1.7L engine to work out any harmonic problems on the ground prior to engaging in the extensive work of installation in the flying prototype. If we opt for the larger 1.9L […]

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I mentioned our fabricating a steering box for the front of the vehicle. This is pictured below so you can see what it looks like. This is a prototype part, and as we move into production it will assume more of an appearance of a manufactured part. Our testing on the full-scale prototype will provide […]

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We established more of the drive train, or the parts that make the vehicle drive on the ground. The one pictured below is a differential, which splits the power from the engine out to each rear wheel. Normal differentials for automobiles are quite heavy, as the vehicle is quite heavy. We have a different need, […]

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This week so far we have assembled the rear wheel carriers, brakes and hub. The custom steering box is being fabricated to provide a strong steering mechanism for the single front wheel. Typical two wheel steering systems were inadequate for what we required, so we fabricated our own. When we get into full production, the […]

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Work has continued on the front suspension, with the assembly shown here being VERY light – saving us nearly six pounds by using racing quality parts. This is the brake and wheel bearing assembled onto the spindle shown last week. So far we have shed six pounds without sacrificing anything on performance. We are having […]

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Thought you might want to see our first completed part for the Switchblade prototype. This is the spindle for the front wheel. The wheel is mounted to this, and the spindle is mounted to the front suspension arm. The brakes have been ordered, and should be here early next week. We went to the off-road […]

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Samson Motors Update 2/15/13

Our structural engineer was sent seven sheets of drawings yesterday showing details of the various components of the Switchblade, and how they relate. It is amazing how much detail is in a vehicle such as this. Normally, you have a wing, a tail, and a body in any aircraft. In the Switchblade, the wings swing […]

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Switchblade Update: December 12, 2012

Pictured from left to right: model builder Joe Marine, RC pilot Tom Richardi & designer Sam Bousfield We have wrapped up our flight testing with the quarter-scale prototype, having achieved 90% of our test flight objectives for this prototype. There remains more work to prepare the model as an R/C model kit, which will be […]

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Switchblade Update: October 4, 2012

We made some good progress with the tail mods. Joe Marine at Race Pro Engineering has the tail vertical pieces being joined, and fitted with the rudder actuation mechanism in the shot below. This is prior to trimming the excess away around the edges. For scale models, this technique works. Won’t work for the full-scale! […]

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Switchblade Update: September 21, 2012

Joe Marine is shown applying his magical touch to the Switchblade 1/4 scale prototype. He has been working recently to enlarge the tail as per the standards of the scale model industry. This is our second and most likely last test set-up for the 1/4 scale flying prototype. You can see from the photo that […]

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