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SAMSON TO PRESENT FORUM AT SEBRING U.S. SPORT AVIATION EXPO. January 20-23, 2016 in Sebring Florida. Join us, Wed. January 20th – 9:30-10:30 AM Forums area #2. “Flying Cars of the past – fast forward to the Samson Switchblade”. Presenter: Switchblade Kit Owner, James Mauch. For decades, people have dreamed of having flying cars. This […]

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Switchblade Update: 7 January, 2016

We placed the bottom spar bracket into position (above), and using several clamps to ensure the lower skin was held in place in the the wing jig (metal fixture for wing construction), we then put the upper spar bracket into place (below). With both upper and lower spar brackets having good positioning, we temporarily glued […]

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SWITCHBLADE UPDATE: 20 December, 2015

After finishing the left wing, progress on the right wing has been going well. The skins were fitted to the jig, and then checked against the molds for correct trimming of the edges. We made adjustments to the jig that holds all of the wing parts in correct place for assembly, as the jig was […]

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SWITCHBLADE UPDATE : 4 December, 2015

Big week last week! The left wing was completed, and this is how it went: We mounted the completed flap on the main wing, and double checked that the movement was still within spec. Then we took off the aileron and flap from the main wing, put it in the wing jig, and started prepping […]

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SWITCHBLADE UPDATE: 15 November, 2015

We finally were able to finish bonding up the flap completely, now that the middle hinge was confirmed as to location and mounted. It didn’t take long to mix up the Hysol two-part adhesive, and spread the adhesive on all bonding surfaces (above). The next step was to place the top skin over the rest […]

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SWITCHBLADE UPDATE: 5 November, 2015

Next step on wing closeout was the fitting and bonding in of the wing root rib. The shot above is from the wing tip side looking down at the root area of the wing (next to the body), with the carbon rib shown in front of the metal wing hinge beam. We also bonded in […]

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SWITCHBLADE UPDATE: 1 November, 2015

Our first step to close out the left wing was to bond and bolt in the bottom spar bracket. This took a few hours to accomplish, and is a critical step in the process. This bracket has to align with the hinge bracket (the hinge point of the wing swing), and has to align with […]

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SWITCHBLADE UPDATE: 23 October, 2015

We continued assembly of the wing fixture or jig, which holds the wing parts in position while the wing is bonded and bolted together. Checking accuracy took some time, as we want the jig to be correct so we don’t introduce error into the future wing building, as well as our prototype wings. The jig […]

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Central Oregonian article on recent Air-Fair

Prineville Airport hosting aviation education event Two-day program is sponsored by Samson Motors, which is building the Switchblade flying car at one of the local hangars. The Prineville Airport will be the site of several noteworthy events this weekend, for pilots and for the general public. Three classes will be offered, two for pilots and […]

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The wing jig (metal framework that holds parts together in place) is being assembled and rigged for use. Below is shown the framework nearly completed and ready for the wing pieces to be placed within. Next we placed the wing skin with main spar (beam) in the lower cradles, and are getting the last of […]

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