What people are saying about the Switchblade!

Bryant Boon

Actor and airline pilot
The promise of the Switchblade is a quantum leap in personal transportation effectively transforming the mundane experience of A to B travel into the magical freedom of flight. As a professional pilot for over 20 years I’ve dreamed of turning my passion for flying into a daily experience and now as a working actor in Los Angeles the Switchblade means trading hours lost in traffic for moments of joy flying through the sky – literally life with wings! It’s about time the sky really was the limit for everyone on the ground and the Switchblade is poised to make that dream a reality. Life as we know it is about to takeoff, buckle up! –

Sinan Wasif

Premium sound system engineer
It has always been a passion for me to be involved in futuristic projects. When Samson contacted me the first time and explained to me the idea, I felt that this is one of THE most futuristic projects I have seen. The whole Switchblade Multi-Mode-Vehicle project sounds like a real foot-print for the future. It did not take me long to say I am with the team to support them with my knowledge of audio and entertainment systems. As I have been involved in the automotive business for more than 13 years with different brands, I am sure I can put this knowledge into the Switchblade Multi-Mode-Vehicle.

Gary Moore, PhD

Former Marine fighter pilot and professor
As a former Marine fighter pilot and aircraft owner, I want an affordable and unique opportunity to fly again. The Switchblade is the answer since it offers air and ground travel without compromising safety or cost-effectiveness. I have had the privilege of actually sitting in the Switchblade ground prototype. The quality of the engineering and project planning is truly impressive. I look forward to the exciting and practical world of driving and flying a Switchblade!

Bill Marble

Private Pilot, Samson Field Promoter, retired Technical Support Supervisor for Truckee Meadows Community College
I have been a private pilot and aircraft owner since 1988, flying popular Cessna and Piper single engine aircraft. Being from a family of aviators (father, uncle, brothers and daughter), I have maintained a passion for aviation that began in childhood.
Genetically linked to notable aviators and innovators (Wright Brothers, Robert Goddard, Howard Hughes), my DNA is pre-coded to loving aviation innovations such as the Switchblade. Sitting in the ground test vehicle (see photo) was a genuine thrill and I can’t wait to build and fly one! I am 100% behind the Switchblade and see it as the next evolutionary step in personal transportation.

Ralph Schmitt

CEO, Rock n’ Roller, Adventurer and Passionate Pilot
I was immediately impressed with the clarity of Sam’s vision for the Switchblade and how he simplified what looks to be a very difficult achievement. There is a confidence in how he depicts the series of milestones that need to be achieved in order to realize this revolutionary, hybrid transportation vehicle. I believe in Sam and the team. They have also done an excellent job in communicating progress in order for people like us to continue to believe that this dream will be a reality.

Bottom line, the Switchblade Rocks! It improves all my interests. I can use it for efficient business travel, in between Shanks gigs, or going off to my next Adrenaline Junkie adventure. It will bring about a paradigm shift in the way we travel by addressing distance and logistics in one cool package.

Marcia Winborne-Graven

California aviation enthusiast, Samson Investor
Having grown up around aviation, I grew to love flying. Even though my late air racer brother Fred Sebby flew the older WWII fighter planes, I know he would have loved the Switchblade because of his extreme love of anything that flew and the fact that it will help put flying within the reach of many more people.
I know my stepfather Ken Bihler, who used to let me occasionally take over the controls of his V-tail Bonanza, would also have loved the Switchblade and I think he would have been an investor. As an A&E and retired engineer, I’m sure he would have been following every technical aspect of it very closely.
I personally think the Switchblade is a fantastically designed multi-purpose vehicle and one of the reasons I love it (besides it being so cute) is because it will help ensure the future of aviation. I also value and trust the integrity of Sam Bousfield and that is the icing on the cake, as far as I’m concerned! Long live the Switchblade!

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