Point-to-Point Transportation.

The Switchblade is a three-wheeled, fully enclosed vehicle that you drive from your garage to a local airport. Once there, you swing the wings out and fly directly to your destination at up to 200 mph, at altitudes to 10,000 feet. You simply land and swing the wings closed, continuing on wherever you want to go.

The Italian-inspired clean shape is designed to produce a down-force in gusty wind conditions, stabilizing the lightweight vehicle on the road. The wings are set at the correct angle so you literally fly the plane off the runway! Landings are designed to be similar, in that you simply fly the vehicle onto the runway to land.

Side-by-side seating, room for 50 pounds of luggage (golf clubs, etc.), and a wide cabin, the Switchblade prototype has outperformed a Jaguar XK8! In the past, flying car concepts have delivered mediocre performance in the air or on the ground. There is nothing ‘mediocre’ about this vehicle.

Class of aircraft:

Experimental/homebuilt class, requires the owner to build 51% of the vehicle. The kit is delivered to you majorly assembled. Should you desire professional assistance, one of our Builder Assist Centers will be able to help you complete the vehicle in as little as three weeks. Other options are possible, please call for information.

Licenses required to operate:

On the ground you will need either an automobile license or a motorcycle license. Some regulations vary from location to location. In the air you will need a private pilot license. For more information on pilot training, see (LIFESTYLE LINK to Learning to Fly).


Driver adjustable seat, transmission with drive and flight mode, leather interior, safety glass front windshield, windshield wiper, power side windows, heating & air conditioning, seat belts, front and rear disc brakes, extendable wings and tail, dual ground/air lighting system, redundant ignition and fuel systems, front and rear crumple zones, side impact beams in the doors, and ballistic parachute recovery system for the whole vehicle.

Standard Instrument Package Option provides:

Navigation radios, ELT (emergency location transmitter), video rear view monitor and cameras, turn by turn ground GPS, mp3 player, glass cockpit (flight instruments), and custom dashboard. Instruments include: Dynon 7″ Skyview digital display, iPad Mini, Dynon radio and transponder, Dynon Intercomm and GPS 2020 receiver, compass, and Dynon AOA (angle of attack) gauge.



Estimated GTOW 1,750 LB (Gross Take-off Weight)
Length 16.8′ / 5.1m (ground mode)
Length 20.2′ / 6.2m (flight mode)
Vehicle Width 6′ / 1.8m
Cockpit Width 5.2′ / 1.6m
Height 5.1′ / 1.5m
Wing span 26.9′ / 8.2m
Wing loading 26 psf / 127 kg/m2
Fuel capacity 30 gal including reserve / 113 liters


Speed on ground 100+ mph / 161 kph
Maximum speed in air 175 mph / 280 kph
Cruise speed in air 155 mph / 250 kph
0-60 mph 6.5 seconds
Stall speed 67 mph / 108 kph


Fuel economy on ground 35 mpg (14.8 kpl)
Fuel economy in air 9g/hr (34 l/hr)
Fuel Regular unleaded automobile gasoline

Engine Options

Supported Engine Choices 160 hp V-4
190 hp V-4
Rotax 915


Snowbird Option provides:

Winterized version including heated pitot tube, re-locatable ski racks, large capacity windshield de-ice, heated seats.

Aurora Option provides:

Ruggedized version including all standard features, all Snowbird features, beefed up landing gear, reinforced frame, high-lift wing for Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) operation, and extra mounts for holding cargo in rugged

Trek Option provides:

Ruggedized version including all standard features, beefed up landing gear, reinforced frame, high-lift wing for Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) operation, extra mounts for holding cargo in rugged terrain, and large-capacity radiators for hot climates.


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The revolutionary Switchblade™ three-wheeled Flying Motorcycle leads the field as the first of this new vehicle line to meet the growing demand for flying cars and roadable aircraft.

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