Introducing the Samson Switchblade

Upgrade! Recent developments at Samson have given us a new way to get airborne. The new scissors wing design shaves 200 lb weight while allowing greater range and lower maintenance cost. The wings swing closed under the belly of the vehicle, protected from road grunge and rock dings by a clamshell case and a structural keel that takes impacts. The Italian-inspired clean shape is slowed on landings by slotted flaps. Larger rear wheels are located aft to provide room for the main wings to swing closed, thus the nose lifts four degrees for take-off attitude – you literally fly the plane off the runway without rotating!

Side-by-side seating, more range, less weight, slower landing speed, room for golf clubs, and a wide cabin. The Switchblade has it all!

Driver adjustable seat, transmission with drive and flight mode, leather interior, safety glass front windshield, power side windows, heating & air conditioning, mp3 player, seat belt / safety harness, front and rear disc brakes, video rear view monitor, glass cockpit, extendable wings, dual ground/air lighting system, redundant ignition system, redundant battery system, Navigation radio, ELT (emergency location transmitter), back-up air speed, altimeter and attitude, ballistic chute recovery system, turn by turn ground GPS.
Office number: 530-878-4808

Estimated GTOW 1500 LB (Gross Take-off Weight)
LENGTH 15′- 6″
WIDTH 5′- 6″
HEIGHT 5′-1″
SEATS 2 (side by side)
SPEED 90+ mph on wheels – 150 mph cruise flying
RANGE 880 miles ground, 340 miles air
MPG Estimated 50 mpg ground, 22 mpg air
WINGSPAN 23′ – 5″ main.
ENGINE 150 hp Freedom Motor twin rotor (or applicable motorcycle engine)
ESTIMATED TBO 2000 hours (Time Between Major Overhauls)
FUEL Regular unleaded automobile gasoline (any fuel capable – freedom motor)
FUEL CAPACITY 16 gallons including reserve

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The revolutionary Switchblade™ three-wheeled Flying Motorcycle leads the field as the first of this new vehicle line to meet the growing demand for flying cars and roadable aircraft.

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